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Searing heat, freezing cold, high vibration, moisture...does this sound like the typical operating conditions for your equipment? Radio Sound designs and manufactures specialty electronics capable of surviving under extreme conditions.

Our customers are OEM manufacturers who desire better products than what they can buy off-the-shelf. We design and manufacture electronic components optimized for their particular application so their customers won't have to settle with compromised performance.

Electrical Design

The Radio Sound engineering team has extensive experience with complete printed circuit board production from the initial design phases, through testing and validation, and on to final production.

Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing is used to shape the audio signal in real time. Our "smart amplifier" technology continuously tailors the signal to optimize audio output and clarity to overcome high ambient noise levels.


Motorcycle speakers have several unique requirements over automotive speakers including high efficiency, lightweight materials and durability. We custom design each speaker and optimize it to the available enclosure so you get the best sound possible.


Our line of N-touch communication and entertainment products can provide you with the cost-effective custom OE or genuine accessory solution you need. We specialize in sound systems for the powersports industry, and we understand your requirements for reliability in a harsh operating environment.

RF design

Clear reception is a major challenge in noisy electrical systems. Our expertise in RF design and EMI (electromagnetic interference) mitigation ensures you receive the best signal possible.


Mobile communications have been an integral part of our product line since the beginning. As an early member of the Made for iPhone (MFi) program, we have years of experience with smartphone and headset connectivity including app integration for Android and iOS, media browsing and Bluetooth/WiFi.

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